We invite our exhibitors to submit their innovative products.

The Commission, composed of employees of the Agricultural Chamber of the Lodz Region, scientists and an organizer’s representative, will award chosen products with the sign: „Innovation”.

Products offered by Exhibitors can also win the prize „Golden Medal” of the fair.
Each of the prize-winning products will receive a medal or a token, a certificate, and a digital visualization of the award, which can be used in promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, packaging, etc.

The winning company will receive a special label, for presentations on the fairs, as a sign to use as a quality label on brochures, ad’s etc., which will state, that the product had been awarded.

In addition, an article (A4) about each of the prize-winning products will appear in the specially designated part of the fair catalogue.

Information about the winners will be broadcastedeach day of the fair, as well as published on the website of the organizer.

One can submit the product to the competition by filling in page 8 of the application form.