Dear Sirs!

Registration forms of FERMA 2019 below. EXPO Hall (downstairs) surface was sold.




MOSiR Hall



upstairs foyer EXPO

1. Stand application: Stand type // Which Hall: EXPO or MOSiR

2. Arranging your stand: Stand construction, equipment, sign board (if standard equipment) // Congractor (if own stand construction hosen)

3. Printed materials / Shipping:  Entry cards for guests // Parking cards // Id’s

4. Catalogue / advertisement: Attention! Data sent for the catalogue will be placed at: exhibitor’s list.


5. Additional equipment: furniture, electricity etc. small_pdf

6. Stand project small_pdf

7. Promotional paper small_pdf

8. Prizes: Golden Medal // “New” Sign small_pdf

More information at: here.

Forms are editable, one should print them out, sign and put firm’s stamp. Thank you!

For files above you need a pdf reading programme. You can download it here.
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